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Our Purpose

NNMOTC's purpose is to share information on the special aspects of child development and parenting that relate to raising multiples, provide emotional support, and provide an opportunity to develop friendships for ourselves and our children.

Many of our members were on bed rest during thier pregnancies and know that having a support network can really make a difference. And, after the babies are born and new parents are sleep deprived and overwhelmed, a meal delivered to your door is really appreciated. This is why it is so important that women pregnant with or raising multiples be a part of our club!

The women in our group have been blessed with multiples and many of us have other children as well. As with singletons, raising multiples has its joys and challenges. However, there are needs and concerns that are unique to multiple pregnancies, childbirth and parenting and it is wonderful to network with other women who "have been there".

You are invited to attend any of our many functions. Please contact us and a board member will respond to you about upcoming events.


NNMOTC is a non-profit organization, funded by member dues and fundraising efforts. Our fiscal year runs from August 1st to July 31st, and dues are pro-rated depending on the time of year you join. All members renew in August of each year. Membership dues include $10 for the annual cost of membership in the national organization, and all dues may be paid by cash, check, or Paypal.

  1. For members joining from August 1st thru January 31st: $30.00
  1. For members joining from February 1st thru July 31st: $20.00
  1. A 90 Day Trial Membership is available at any time for potential members who want to get to know the club before joining: Free


How to Join

We encourage everyone who's interested in joining the club to come to one of our General Meetings to meet some of the current club members and ask any questions. Once you decide to join, visit our Online Membership Form. You can be assured that all of your information is kept in the strictest of confidence and not sold or used for any purposes other than our club.

We look forward to getting to know you!

Did You Know?*

62% of members' surveyed had their multiples by c-section
59% - Fraternal Twins
22% - Identical Twins
19% - Unsure
5 sets Fraternal Triplets
66% of our members surveyed were on some form of bed rest
40% of the club's mothers work full or part time
Approximately 60 organized playgroups and planned activities in the past year alone
Fertility drugs and treatments played a role in 59% of the club's multiples

* Survey of NNMOTC members conducted in 2001.