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Around the country, Twins Club Garage Sales are anticipated by multiple and non-multiple families alike, both for their large selection of items as well as the great prices. We currently hold our Garage Sale in the spring and in the fall. The sale is for club members and open to the general public, and offers many child related items like maternity clothes, infant/toddler/older kid clothes, cribs, car seats, strollers, and of course toys, toys, and more toys. Don't miss your chance to shop one of the most highly anticipated garage sales in the area!

Members Only Pre-Sale

Club members get the "pick of the litter" on Friday night, and may pay by either cash or check. Prospective members may also shop on Friday night and will have their NNMOTC club dues added to any purchase.Friends and family of members are often invited to shop early as well.

Public Sale

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♥ Children and Baby Clothing ♥ Shoes ♥ Strollers ♥ Toys ♥ Books ♥ Beds ♥ Bedding ♥ Cribs ♥ Carriers ♥ Gates ♥ Highchairs ♥ Swings ♥ Bouncy Seats ♥ Play Pens ♥ Maternity Clothes ♥ Small Household Items and much more … Something for everyone!!! ♥